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CD34-Biotech Anti-Aging Supplement (Customize)

Meet the minimum order quantity (M.O.Q). According to demand, customized concentration and formula ratio.

CD34-Biotech Anti-Aging Supplement

The food supplement could enhance your healing ability to help your aging tissue and organ regeneration. All of the food material and product of the Dr. Power Stem Biomedical Research Incorporation are assured by the National Ilan University and certified by the international SGS guarantee to be completely safe for human consumption. They are free from toxic heavy metals, pharmacological properties, and pesticides.  Dr. Power Stem absolutely makes sure the best quality for your safety and health.

INGREDIENTS:Aqua, Olive Oil, Bio-Stem 34 Yeast Protein Extract, Xanthan gum, N-Acetyl-glucosamine, Dextrin, Lysine, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Red Grape Extract, BCAA, Vit B1, Citric Acid, Vit B12, Glutamine.

DIRECTION: Suitable for both men and women, take 20 - 50 mL before breakfast. Don’t exceed 100 mL a day because over dosage will not increase the effectiveness of the food supplement.

STORAGE: Keep 2 years in cold storage, away from light and high tempt. After open it, finish drinking within one month.

NOTICE: When you are suffering from diarrhea and allergy syndromes, stop intake until the syndromes disappear. The color of the food supplement is natural which is not usually consistent because plant color always changes depending on seasons, temperature, and growing areas. Stop intake if allergy happens for special person.

VOLUME:20 mL / Bottle; 30 Bottles / Box.  

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