S-Fire Code De-Lipid

Ingredients:Roselle Extract, Green Tea Extract, Bio-Stem 55 Yeast Extract, Guarana, Arabinose, Arginine, Glutathione, Chromium Yeast Complex, Fibersol 2, Maltodextrin.

 S-Fire Code De-Lipid

Ingredients:Roselle Extract, Green Tea Extract, Bio-Stem 55 Yeast Extract, Guarana, Arabinose, Arginine, Glutathione, Chromium Yeast Complex,  Fibersol 2, Maltodextrin.

Usage:Suitable for both men and women using, take 1 pack before or after meals, dissolved into 50 mL water to drink. 

Don’t take exceed 5 packs a day. Over dosage will not increase the efficacy of the food supplement.

Expier Date: 3 years.

Pregnant women stop use it.
Keep away from light and high tempt. 
Stop intake if allergy happens for special person.

VOLUME:90 packs / Box

The product is innovated by 8 doctors in the Power Stem Biotech Research Center, Which is extracted by scientific and equipment.

It obtained the quality guarantee of international SGS certification of bacteria, heavy metals, medicines, pesticides.

彩色植化素系列 1045001